SUPPER CLUB memberships + Private Dinner Parties (2 - 100).


The Pleasure Principle™ Monthly Supper Clubs. 

We cordially invite you to take a seat at our table. Join our monthly supper clubs and never miss a bite of deliciousness. With monthly, quarterly or yearly options available, we'll send you our featured menu every month and YOU can pick when you're hungry - for exquisite food and provocative conversation. A dinner at The Pleasure Principle™ table is sure to pique more than just your appetite.

The Pleasure Principle™ Small Batch Catering Services. 

From catered lunch menus for up to 100 people, to dinner parties for 10 of your closest friends; our small batch catering service takes the boring and humdrum out of your next dining event - not to mention the stress. We keep it as simple and delicious as possible with an emphasis on delicious!

The Pleasure Principle™ Personal & In-home Chef Services.

No time to research, plan or prepare for a dinner party or even for your weekly lunches? Looking for a food regimen to compliment your fitness routine and goals? The Pleasure Principle™ is here; offering Private Chef and Meal Planning services. So if you're looking to impress out-of-town guests or work colleagues or if you need help with weekly meal planning, we'll work directly with you to cater menus to your specific needs and tastes.