... and a little about the owner:

I am a self professed food obsessed epicurean who's willing to try almost anything when it comes to food & drink! Simply put, I like to cook, host and chat. If you like to eat, be hosted and chat- we're a match made in heaven!


Delicious food and awesome drinks have always been my passion and finally my passion has coalesced with my livelihood into my supperclub and dining events concept, The Pleasure Principle. The Pleasure Principle began as a weekend hobby for me and friends while I was living abroad in Barcelona. I lived there [in Barcelona] almost 4 years and my time there (and in Europe in general) served to deepen my passion and enthusiasm for food and drink.


I've endeavored to transform my passion into a business only recently when I moved back to the States in early 2016 and I couldn't be more excited to share my love of food with you! Now, The Pleasure Principle has evolved beyond private chef work and catering. Now, you can catch us "cooking-on-the-run" at one of our pop up tables, kitchen/restaurant takeovers and as vendors at locally run music, arts and food driven events!


As for our monthly supperclub dinners, we encourage you to join us by taking a seat at our table. Often our supperclub menus feature our more ambitious culinary endeavors- you don't want to miss out! Prepare to be excited, intrigued and hopefully impressed because at the heart of every one of our menus is the simple philosophy to keep it all delicious and memorable. 

Let's throw an amazing party together, shall we?

Yours in Yumminess,

Chef Christina

FOUNDED in Barcelona, Spain.

Now based in California, USA.


Tel_  +1 510 640 6259 

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